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Vision of care

My Approach

I am wholly dedicated to healthful, nourishing strategies that achieve sustainable oneness between physical, emotional and spiritual domains.  

Through enhanced awareness of the mind-body axis, we gain a more complete appreciation of self-realization and optimized well-being. Bearing this in mind, together we will harmonize evidence-based medical approaches with tried and true holistic methods to access your intrinsic motivation and meet achievable wellness goals.

Nothing is more integral to one’s sense of tranquility as the personal fulfillment you will gain by embracing the hard work self-discovery requires.  Rooted in conscious transparency, my delivery of care embraces your multidimensional nature to generate self-empowerment and enlightened wellness.

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Ketamine Therapy Options

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How we get there...

Comprehensive Strategies

I view medication, psychotherapy, and holistic practices like tools compiling a toolbox of coping skills.  Sometimes multiple tools are needed for a single project. Other times the same tool can be used for multiple projects.  Lets see what's right for you

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 Because I deeply appreciate the uniqueness of each patients' brain chemistry, I approach medication management as a science and an art. Together we can explore if medication may be right for you. 

 If you are currently on medications and interested in transferring care I will carefully review your medication history to look for areas we can further optimize. 

Yellow Narcissus

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TranquilMD Vitamin Dispensary

1.Unsure which vitamins to select?  Lets set up a 30 minute video consult and I’ll customize a list that’s right for you! 

2. Check out Dr. C’s list of  her favorite supplements

3. Auto Refill + Delivery available

4. Plus 15% discounted rates for you!

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Contact Me

10323 Santa Monica Blvd ste 101 Los Angeles, Los Angeles County 90025USA

Phone: 310 773 3989

Fax: 310 861 8186

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