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You’ve Got Questions - I’ve Got Answers

Why do I need a smart device or laptop and email address?

I request that all patients have either a smart device (phone or tablet) or laptop and email address because I am dedicated to providing efficient, secure, and optimal care.  Incorporating technology into our treatment fosters comprehensive care. 

Examples include:

  • confidential messaging and document exchange through my patient portal

  • electronic prescriptions and refill requests

  • online appointment booking

  • accessing your lab work

  • integration of mental health smart apps and lifestyle trackers

  • secure confidential videoconferencing

Lastly, in the spirit of mother nature I strive to be mindful of our environment and limit the use of unnecessary printing.  

Do you do therapy? What if I already have a therapist?

Yes I do therapy and thoroughly enjoy this part of my job.  For me the collaboration involved in psychotherapy is a testament to the healing power of human connection. 

If you already have an established therapist or plan to find a separate therapist I am happy to do medication management only in addition to provide therapy referrals.  I kindly request clients doing outside therapy sign a medical release so we can easily collaborate with your therapist

How do I get a medication refill?

Please primarily use the patient portal for refill requests.  You may use my voicemail line as well for medication refill requests. In your message, clearly state:
- Your name
- Your phone number
- Your date of birth
- The name and phone number of your pharmacy
- The name and current dosage of your medication(s)

What If I don't want to take medication?

Medication can be very effective for treating a variety of mental health disorders particularly in combination with talk therapy.  I understand though that medication may not be the first place you want to start with your treatment.  Depending on your level of distress and which symptoms are bothersome we will discuss both medication and non-medication options.

Do you do remote appointments?

For established follow up patients who may be unable to attend an in office visit due to travel, illness, or other extenuating circumstances I am able to do secure video-conferencing appointments.   

To note: Not all patients are appropriate for video-conferencing due to the nature and limitations of remote appointments. Appropriateness of video conferencing is decided by the doctor on an individual patient basis. 

What if I need to cancel an appointment?

Appointments must be cancelled 24 business hours in advance to avoid being charged the fee for service.  Please text or call if you need to cancel an appointment.  Appointments cannot be cancelled via email. 

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