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Introducing TranquilMD

I recognize the importance of a client-centered medical experience, which inspires me to create strong and long-lasting bonds with each of my patients. I believe strongly in the mind body connection and using natural practices to optimize health and wellness.

What is Holistic Psychiatry?: Welcome

What is Holistic Psychiatry?

Holistic Psychiatry is a more comprehensive form of treatment.  This form of psychiatry has a greater emphasis on balancing up to date mental health interventions with ancient time-honored natural practices.

Holistic Psychiatry may also be referred to as Integrative Psychiatry which uses alternative and complementary practices in parallel with conventional standard treatments.  I believe that creating individualized treatment plans by combining eastern and western medicine has the power to enhance your emotional health by harnessing the mind-body connection. 

To me, holistic psychiatry represents a sense of totality that truly encapsulates approaching patients as people and whole entities instead of systems or diseases. I believe the practice of holistic psychiatry resonates with the oath I took to do no harm.  In other words, having the skill set and knowledge base to know when pharmacologic interventions are the answer is equally as important as knowing when a gentler option may also be available. 

In some instances, I’ve witnessed the healing power of holistic approaches extend beyond the limits of conventional modern medicine. Just as doctors stress the importance of lifestyle moderation and balance to patients, I believe doctors have the same responsibility of applying modesty in the treatments we recommend.  Herein lies the appeal of Holistic Psychiatry to me: the art of medicinal humility.

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